What is a Hedgehog?

In the animal kingdom a hedgehog is a small nocturnal animal found in Europe, Africa and Asia. At And Candy Too! it is a delicious disaster.

I was at  the stove making peanut butter crunchies – think Butterfinger. Don’t generally answer the phone when making candy, but was expecting a very importanty call. I could not hold the phone and stir at the same time so let the mixture come up to temperature and removed it from the heat. Within seconds it solidifed like quick cement. Hoping to salvage the batch I chopped it up , tossed it in tempered chocolate and scooped it on to a tray.

Husband John is the official taste tester at And Candy Too! so I presented this candy for his review. He looked at it and asked “What is it, a hedgehog?”  I smiled and replied “I guess so!”

And so the hedgehog was born.


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